Linda Row founded Clothworks in 1997, one of the first entirely green clothing company in the UK. The ethos from day one being to consider each process along the line of production, from sourcing fibres to sending out the goods, ensuring that the greenest solution could be found.

Linda, committed to ‘Ethical Consumerism’ and fair trade, foresaw the shift in public opinion that began to reject the ‘bonne marche’ approach to purchasing clothes. The reliance on cheap labour sources and lack of responsibility that brands had towards their producers had created an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mentality, which enabled producers to be badly exploited.
Clothworks rejected this form of exploitation and has maintained those principles to this day.

The evolution of green fashion has been a remarkable process, since a handful of pioneers like Linda began to point out the issues. Gradually the idea has worked its way into the ‘almost’ mainstream, with many new companies starting in a similar vein, run by passionate individuals. Even those examples of companies who have ‘green-washed’ themselves to gain kudos are helping the swell of public opinion to makes ethical purchasing normal.

Linda trained at St Martin’s and has a background in couture, she has an unquenchable passion for creating clothes that make you look great and feel great without damaging the environment.

The clothing collections have evolved gradually up to the present day where these roots in couture have come to the forefront of the business.